T + Y


Never before had I ever seen such a beautiful fusion of cultures and traditions. TB + Yun created such a unique day. In the morning they began with a traditionally Vietnamese wedding day. The groom arriving with her flowers. The groomsmen bearing gifts. They said prayers and asked for blessings. It was incredible to be in amongst such beautiful and calm energy. Once dress number two was firmly fitted off we headed to the luxurious Saddleworth Hotel. To exchange their wedding vows in a traditionally English ceremony. When a language isn’t your own, I find that you can look a little closer and think a little deeper about things. I love to watch the body language and expressions of people. This is language in motion. It was a super misty day outside with a blanket of fresh snow. So the Valentino shoes were swapped for wellies and off we went outside to explore. I love the hazy vibe we created in the enchanted woodland of the grounds. So, here it is. This perfect fusion of a day.

001 T + Y3 copy001 T + Y22 copy001 T + Y24 copy001 T + Y29 copy001 T + Y33 copy001 T + Y48 copy001 T + Y75 copy001 T + Y78 copy001 T + Y81 copy001 T + Y97 copy001 T + Y102 copy001 T + Y103 copy001 T + Y112 copy001 T + Y116 copy001 T + Y132 copy001 T + Y137 copy001 T + Y155 copy001 T + Y157 copy001 T + Y164 copy001 T + Y171 copy001 T + Y176 copy001 T + Y180 copy001 T + Y184 copy001 T + Y191 copy001 T + Y196 copy001 T + Y250 copy001 T + Y346 copy001 T + Y362 copy001 T + Y366 copy001 T + Y372 copy001 T + Y395 copy001 T + Y412 copy001 T + Y432 copy001 T + Y439 copy001 T + Y460 copy copy001 T + Y467 copy001 T + Y471 copy copy001 T + Y483 copy copy001 T + Y506 copy002 T + Y11 copy002 T + Y41 copy002 T + Y49 copy002 T + Y61 copy002 T + Y63 copy002 T + Y65 copy002 T + Y70 copy002 T + Y93 copy002 T + Y107 copy002 T + Y111 copy002 T + Y113 copy002 T + Y141 copy002 T + Y145 copy002 T + Y147 copy002 T + Y170 copy002 T + Y173 copy002 T + Y175 copy002 T + Y232 copy002 T + Y240 copy002 T + Y260 copy002 T + Y261 copy002 T + Y281 copy002 T + Y312 copy002 T + Y351 copy002 T + Y389 copy004 T + Y2 copy004 T + Y5 copy004 T + Y13 copy002 T + Y412 copy002 T + Y438 copy004 T + Y59 copy

6 thoughts on “T + Y

  1. πŸ’• what a beautiful wedding πŸ’• Photographs are amazing.. the bride looked beautiful and their traditions captured in the photographs πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Well done Joanne Jacobs .. πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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