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M & G. Matt & Georgia. Today is one trillion percent THEIR day and this day needed to be remembered & celebrated & honoured. This was the day that they planned to become each otherz foreverz and that, to meeeeeeee, is a pretty flipping BIG & E P I C deal. I want these two mega babes to be sat on their sofa 10 years from now feeling all nostalgic about the day that they planned to have. So, it made perfect sense for us to have a mini dress rehearsal right!?!

Today there was meant to be a groom nervously waiting for his bride to arrive. A bride clinging tightly to her dad, as he walks her down the aisle. Butterflies having a mini rave in our tummies. Eyes gazing, glances, touches, hugs, feels and an entire ocean of beautiful and R A W & R E A L emotion. But plans had to change.

I hope you spend another year deepening your love and taking care of each others hearts. Happy (should have been getting married) Wedding Day to you.

Here is a little M A G I C we made earlier.

M & G 1M & G 3M & G 4M & G 5M & G 6M & G 7M & G 8M & G 9M & G 10M & G 11M & G 12M & G 13M & G 14M & G 15M & G 16M & G 17M & G 18M & G 19M & G 20M & G 21M & G 22M & G 23M & G 24M & G 25M & G 28M & G 29M & G 30M & G 31M & G 32M & G 33M & G 34M & G 35M & G 36M & G 37M & G 38


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Dreaming of being back here at this beautiful pink hotel drenched in Bali sunbeams. Get yourself an ice cream (or a warm cuppa), pop on some suntan cream and check out this collection of images that I created at the Pink CoCo Hotel in Uluwatu, Bali. I want to produce more collections like this in my unique style, with a beautiful and real feel to them. Let your guests imaginations run wild before they arrive at your hotel. Feed their desires with images that reflect the true colours and vibe of their chosen location.


Images by Joanne Jacobs Foto
Location Pink Coco, Uluwatu ~ Bali

A & A


Soooooo he actually still denies it to this day (don’t you Ash?). But let’s back track a little here. To how the story started. One evening at Muse in Uppermill Ash Wildman publicly declared his love for my style of photography and told me that when he gets married, I would be his photographer. Now at this stage there was no ring (as Anniken clearly pointed out).

Anniken is such a beautiful human with a beautiful soul, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. She had always said that when S H E gets married it would be in her home country of Norway and that I would be her photographer. Can you imagine? I was like hurry uppppp and get engaged. Haha. So, let’s fast forward a month from the (he still won’t admit it) A S H conversation and I get a message from Anniken. He finally put a ring on it (well..tried..long story). But the point is that the message said ‘Joooooooo…get are coming to N O R W A Y’. O to the M to the G.

So, off we went to the E P I C beautifulness that is the Losby Gods Hotel in Norway. They made their forever promise surrounded by an outrageously E P I C tribe of their favourite humans. It was so special and beautiful and yes I took them for a joy ride in a golf buggy for some epic lake images. Please don’t tell my insurance as I am sure that was highly illegal, but we laughed until we cried for the entire journey. So, sometimes risks are worth it. Welcome to T H E I R wedding adventure, to their world. To the beginning of their forever. It started right here.A & A . EDITZ 33

A & A . EDITZ 1-2A & A . EDITZ 1-3A & A . EDITZ 1-5A & A . EDITZ 1-6A & A . EDITZ 1-7A & A . EDITZ 1-10A & A . EDITZ 1-11A & A . EDITZ 1A & A . EDITZ 2A & A . EDITZ 3A & A . EDITZ 4A & A . EDITZ 5A & A . EDITZ 6A & A . EDITZ 7A & A . EDITZ 8A & A . EDITZ 9_NEWA & A . EDITZ 10A & A . EDITZ 11A & A . EDITZ 12A & A . EDITZ 13A & A . EDITZ 14A & A . EDITZ 15A & A . EDITZ 16A & A . EDITZ 17A & A . EDITZ 18A & A . EDITZ 19A & A . EDITZ 20A & A . EDITZ 21A & A . EDITZ 22A & A . EDITZ 23A & A . EDITZ 24A & A . EDITZ 25A & A . EDITZ 26A & A . EDITZ 27A & A . EDITZ 28A & A . EDITZ 29A & A . EDITZ 30A & A . EDITZ 32A & A . EDITZ 34Images

R & H .


Hannah & Rishi met when they were studying at Manchester University. Rishi said that Hannah definitely fell in love with him when he brought a stack of vegetarian cakes to her birthday party. I think there was some candle/cake melting disaster, which we won’t go too much into. But he thinks this was when he stole her heart. The proposal story was almost as hilarious. He was convinced she had discovered the ring and uncovered his secret plan. Honestly! You cant make this up. So, what was meant to be romantic turned into a moody proposal. Hannah burst out crying when her proposed and clearly had no idea. Thankfully she said Y E S and they M A D E it to this B E A U T I F U L, perfect and M A J E S T I C day. A unique fusion of Indian and Jewish elements woven into the fabric of a traditionally English wedding. The coming together of culture, families, friends, food and music. All bound together by L O V E. These two make me believe in the happy ever after. They are M A G I C in motion. So, here it is. Their incredible day. Wishing my two wedding B A B E S, the Kapoors, a beautiful first anniversary.

001 R+H 2001 R+H 8001 R+H 35001 R+H 40001 R+H 50001 R+H 52001 R+H 66001 R+H 68001 R+H 71001 R+H 75001 R+H 83001 R+H 127001 R+H 144001 R+H 148001 R+H 158001 R+H 179001 R+H 191001 R+H 238001 R+H 242001 R+H 245001 R+H 256001 R+H 259001 R+H 260001 R+H 264001 R+H 265001 R+H 266001 R+H 267001 R+H 273001 R+H 275001 R+H 280001 R+H 284001 R+H 304001 R+H 310001 R+H 314001 R+H 327001 R+H 331001 R+H 333001 R+H 334001 R+H 343001 R+H 375001 R+H 380001 R+H 383001 R+H 384001 R+H 387001 R+H 393001 R+H 395001 R+H 401001 R+H 406001 R+H 412001 R+H 415001 R+H 421001 R+H 428001 R+H 429001 R+H 439001 R+H 441001 R+H 442001 R+H 444001 R+H 446001 R+H 448001 R+H 456001 R+H 458001 R+H 461001 R+H 467002 R+H 17002 R+H 18002 R+H 20002 R+H 21002 R+H 24002 R+H 31002 R+H 32002 R+H 45002 R+H 49002 R+H 56002 R+H 60002 R+H 64002 R+H 80002 R+H 137002 R+H 192002 R+H 200002 R+H 203002 R+H 220002 R+H 301002 R+H 303002 R+H 386002 R+H 388002 R+H 444002 R+H 465002 R+H 466

T + Y


Never before had I ever seen such a beautiful fusion of cultures and traditions. TB + Yun created such a unique day. In the morning they began with a traditionally Vietnamese wedding day. The groom arriving with her flowers. The groomsmen bearing gifts. They said prayers and asked for blessings. It was incredible to be in amongst such beautiful and calm energy. Once dress number two was firmly fitted off we headed to the luxurious Saddleworth Hotel. To exchange their wedding vows in a traditionally English ceremony. When a language isn’t your own, I find that you can look a little closer and think a little deeper about things. I love to watch the body language and expressions of people. This is language in motion. It was a super misty day outside with a blanket of fresh snow. So the Valentino shoes were swapped for wellies and off we went outside to explore. I love the hazy vibe we created in the enchanted woodland of the grounds. So, here it is. This perfect fusion of a day.

001 T + Y3 copy001 T + Y22 copy001 T + Y24 copy001 T + Y29 copy001 T + Y33 copy001 T + Y48 copy001 T + Y75 copy001 T + Y78 copy001 T + Y81 copy001 T + Y97 copy001 T + Y102 copy001 T + Y103 copy001 T + Y112 copy001 T + Y116 copy001 T + Y132 copy001 T + Y137 copy001 T + Y155 copy001 T + Y157 copy001 T + Y164 copy001 T + Y171 copy001 T + Y176 copy001 T + Y180 copy001 T + Y184 copy001 T + Y191 copy001 T + Y196 copy001 T + Y250 copy001 T + Y346 copy001 T + Y362 copy001 T + Y366 copy001 T + Y372 copy001 T + Y395 copy001 T + Y412 copy001 T + Y432 copy001 T + Y439 copy001 T + Y460 copy copy001 T + Y467 copy001 T + Y471 copy copy001 T + Y483 copy copy001 T + Y506 copy002 T + Y11 copy002 T + Y41 copy002 T + Y49 copy002 T + Y61 copy002 T + Y63 copy002 T + Y65 copy002 T + Y70 copy002 T + Y93 copy002 T + Y107 copy002 T + Y111 copy002 T + Y113 copy002 T + Y141 copy002 T + Y145 copy002 T + Y147 copy002 T + Y170 copy002 T + Y173 copy002 T + Y175 copy002 T + Y232 copy002 T + Y240 copy002 T + Y260 copy002 T + Y261 copy002 T + Y281 copy002 T + Y312 copy002 T + Y351 copy002 T + Y389 copy004 T + Y2 copy004 T + Y5 copy004 T + Y13 copy002 T + Y412 copy002 T + Y438 copy004 T + Y59 copy

K + R


01 R + K 1 copy-201 R + K 2 copy01 R + K 3 copy01 R + K 41 copy01 R + K 47 copy01 R + K 48 copy01 R + K 54 copy01 R + K 60 copy01 R + K 68 copy01 R + K 69 copy01 R + K 83 copy01 R + K 92 copy01 R + K 96 copy01 R + K 98 copy01 R + K 126 copy01 R + K 159 copy01 R + K 169 copy01 R + K 182 copy01 R + K 189 copy01 R + K 194 copy01 R + K 208 copy01 R + K 207_29 x 2101 R + K 249 copy01 R + K 296 copy01 R + K 340 copy01 R + K 419 copy01 R + K 438 copy01 R + K 468 copy01 R + K 475 copy01 R + K 479 copy01 R + K 519 copy01 R + K 529 copy01 R + K 556 copy01 R + K 576 copy01 R + K 585 copy01 R + K 589 copy01 R + K 595 copy02 R + K 1 copy02 R + K 42 copy02 R + K 139 copy02 R + K 152 copy02 R + K 180 copy02 R + K 188 copy02 R + K 212 copy02 R + K 232 copy02 R + K 233 copy02 R + K 311 copy02 R + K 316 copyR+K ALBUM V24002 R + K 339 copyP H O T O G R A P H E R Joanne Jacobs Photography
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